Monday, 28 February 2011

I have decided this year to read 11 books

Well good morning blog this year I have decided to read 11 books so far I have read 2 but one of those was a bedtime story for Jacob a present from his Gran thank you Mum he loved it.
Looks its going to rain, so my solar powered clothes dryer will have to be in the house today.
Today Jacob has a concert in front of all his school playing in the brass band he was so excited hope it goes well for him, fingers crossed.
My oldest son David is on holiday in Turkey hope he's enjoying himself.
My middle son George is on the way to school and hubby is at work bringing home the B***n.

Today as I said looks like it's going to rain and out of my window I see snow on the mountains, wild flowers everywhere and also lots of blossoming trees.

As every good Welsh Wo/man knows tomorrow is St David's day so what will be on the menu for breakfast porridge elevenses welsh cakes and a good strong cup of tea lunch leek soup and for dinner lamb chops mashed potatoes with leeks and carrots and after all that a long walk in the country I hope it will rain that's right wet Wales weather. Now I am off to work to see all those smiling faces .


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  1. Lovely thoughts with beautiful scenery and wildflowers Cathy :D


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