Sunday, 27 February 2011

Those darn birds

Good morning Blog so I made to another post well done me this must be the most I have written in a long time in English so forgive the Grammar and spelling.
 Its damp Sunday morning here the husband is at work boys are at school animals have been fed dishwasher is on and the house is ready to be cleaned.... hang on I will there in a minute <grin>.
In Israel the weekend is one day long or should I say short so we usually try to pack a lot in on that day or we relax especially when its either hot or raining. Yesterday it was raining so we had games and basketball at our local sport center. The boys love to go for trips in the country there are some really pretty places to visit near here

And here

all walking distance from the kibbutz.

I love birds chirping the colors the grace how they fly etc but I hate when they attack my veg it's hard enough to keep an organic veg patch without them devouring it the bulbul bird is a pest that's right that's what they call them here so if anybody can help me with this little problem thank you.

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