Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A walk around the vegetable garden in my world

Sweet peas from Diane

parsley bed loves the rain

chedder cheese cauliflowers

Potato peeling buckets looks like I will have to empty one

The person that gave me this seed only told me its cauliflower there are 3 shades of pink and there is one that also has white leaves.
New Zealand spinach growing well loves this weather.

multicoloured carrots not long to go

One of my raised beds that was a cupboard has purple sprouting our season is later then in the Britain because it was too hot up untill October/ November.

Eggplant is still alive , in the spring I will prune it add some compost and see what happens.

Out of all the Pea seeds I planted this is the only one that germinated then the cat dug it up ,I replanted it and it has started to flower.
Onions not that many using them for the shoots only.

More potato peelings this time grown in leaves.

Asparagus pea seems to grow very slowly.

My seed beds sticks to stop Sheleg (cat) digging up

Mixed salad leaves are finding their way into a lot of meals.
 I also use just the leaves on the Garlic.

 Purple brocolli.

 Yet more potato peeling this time in the ground.

Broad beans I must admit George I love Eating them on their own with Cooked with butter and blackpepper and sometimes with gammon and new potatoes but here is a great web site for recipes.
there are a few more vegetables that have just startd to grow Beetroots, Carrots

Things you learn along by way did you know that hair was good for tomatoes?
have a look here "Sean, I want to brush your hair";)

A photo every day from my back door looking west


  1. What wonderfully delicious and green leafy shots!

  2. Always so nice to see green and growing things in the middle of our cold winter!

  3. Look at your beautiful garden Cathy! Oh I wish spring would hurry up here!
    xo Catherine

  4. Wow... I am turning 'green' to see so much green in your garden... our place is still very cold, too cold to start anything new as yet... am very happy for you to see the plants growing so well...

  5. can you explain the potato peeling pots please, as I am curious to know it's what I think it is, and do actual potatoes grow from just the peelings!!!

    Gill in Canada

  6. Cathy, thanks for the great broad bean suggestions. I tried New Zealand spinach two years ago. It did well, but I did not like the taste raw, my main requirement for it. Since it did not volunteer the next year, I have not tried it again. Do you eat it raw or cooked?

  7. I enjoyed the garden tour, looks like everything is doing quite well for you. I had to laugh at your seed bed sticks...I do the same thing to keep cats out of mine.:) That asparagus pea sounds interesting, never heard of it before.

  8. Brilliant idea to grow vegetables in old drawers. I'll have to remember that.

    My garden is still cold and dead; I haven't even cut last year's plants back. I am concentrating on flowers, trees, shrubs and summer berries. My vegetable beds are under a large old walnut tree, not much sun gets through but I grow tomatoes in pots on the terrace. Herbs grow everywhere between flowers.

  9. Am I reading this right, are you growing potatoes from peelings only?
    Also thanks for the good wishes for Tom.

  10. Yup, I have those weeds.
    Sadly I do not have your promising vegetable plants to go with them. Looks good for many meals to come.

  11. Thank you Cathy for responding to my request re: commenting issues at my blog. It's also a good excuse for me to visit some of the people who visit me! Your vegetables look like they are flourishing! We are experiencing heavy rain at the moment and the river is in flood. Our home is on a hill thankfully! No need to water the gardens but I'm hoping it stops soon as the zucchini and squash are turning to mush. Interesting to see how many trees you grow that we are also growing - the black sapote and feijoa for example. I tasted a white sapote for the first time recently - delicious, my children loved it, can't wait for ours to bear fruit.

  12. You will certainly have a bounty of veggies! Looks so well organized, too.

  13. Oh Cathy, that naughty kitty! Look Mom put out all these lovely litter boxes for me to use! Your garden is looking wonderful, the greens, peas, potatoes, onions, garlic, etc! I'd never heard that hair was good for tomatoes...how sad and I used to cut my own hair...I want to grow a tomato this summer...I'm going to get Joseph (my hair person)to give me the hair that's left when my son, DIL and I get our hair cut, I want to try this!

  14. Beautiful photos. I love your vegetables garden.

  15. Cathy, the leaves of the garlic are providing the energy to make the bulb grow. While edible and delicious, it would seem to me that if you eat the leaves, you will stunt the bulb size. So it would be better to use leaves from just a couple of plants and know those bulbs will be smaller, rather than picking a few leaves from all plants, and stunting the entire batch. Totally my own thoughts as I could not find verification on the web. Just seems logical to me. George

  16. So many things to look forward to in a few weeks from your garden Cathy. Everything so green. My summer garden is a disaster this year as its been very dry and hot.

  17. Hi Cathy, Your veges are looking good. Mine are strating to finish. I still have beans and tomatoes to pick. My strawberries are still producing enough for my breakfast every second day. I love the idea of a=using an old cupboard...you have given me an idea to use some old bookcases. Thank you. Maa

  18. Hi Cathy, you look like you will have a bumper crop of veggies. Thanks for the tour of your garden!

  19. Your garden is well on its way and looking very healthy indeed!


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