Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I said I was tidying some photos here

are a couple I didn't know about.

More to follow I am sure, love the look Sean.

This one is a bit blurred but you can see the cool.

Another one I would love to find out who takes these photos.

 A photo every day from my back door looking west

Ducks in the bird sanctuary having a siesta


  1. Sean is so tolerant and cute.

  2. look at those eyes you just want to hug him. I would wake up Molly to take a look but she is snoring so peacefully at the moment!!!


  3. LOL, you think? It might be a bit too far for you to go, but would´nt it be wonderful?

    What a cute dog you have!

  4. I love to see ducks standing on one foot sleeping...intriguing! Nice look for Sean! Great photo out the door!

  5. Bonitas, fotos, sobre todo me gusta la de la perrita con sus bebes de trapo .... muy tierna !!!!!

  6. I love the dog photos. That is funny. I like the birds in your out the back door photo. It always looks so peaceful.

  7. Those ducks look pretty happy!
    What a sweet, cooperative dog you have!

  8. Nice to find such treasurers in the archive!

  9. Wish I could have been there to actually see the view, Sean and
    to smell the almond blossom.
    We use to get those moths when we lived in Spain, hated it
    when they flew in at night, still not as bad as "batman"
    Love you, Mum x

  10. Lovely photos, Mount Hermon looks even closer than I remember,
    Sean appears to be like his owner, remembering the humming moth
    and the almond blossom scent from when we lived in Spain.
    Lovely photos Cath. Love you always, Mum xx


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