Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I had a lovely letter in the post

It was from Mary at the edible garden thank you for the lovely Hollyhock seeds I am on my way to a cottage garden.

Name: Hooded Crow
Latin Name: Corvus corone
Family: Corvidae
Order: Passeriformes

A photo every day from my back door looking west

 Today is parent day at Aleds school.

In the garden
  • Thinned out Purple broccoli
  • Planted the hollyhock seed from Mary in a seed tray outside.
  • Planted on some Asters and Larkspur in seed beds outside.

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  1. Wow, a field with pretty wild flowers.

  2. Love the flowers, what kind of bird is on the first photos?

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Cathy, so nice to see such colourful flowers from the winter of the UK! x

  4. Glad to hear the hollyhock seeds made it ok! I always sweat it when seeds are going to another country, I never know if they will be rejected or not! Here's to a great gardening year!

  5. Love the crows among the flowers. And purple broccoli? I'm a bit envious, that is so cool.

  6. Lovely shot of the crow in the flowers!

  7. Lovely photos Cathy. What a great view from your back door!

  8. Great images! Love the crow surrounded by flowers

  9. A great bird in a meadow of even more beautiful flowers.
    Lovely photo blog!

  10. How beautiful the countryside is around your home! The view is expansive. The Hooded crow is a nice version of our jet black birds. All that and I see you have the magic touch with roses on top of it! Lucky!


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