Sunday, 1 January 2012

A normal working day and it happens to be New Years day.

First Photo of 2012 from the kitchen door
A photo every day from my back door looking west
Boys are at School Dh is at work.  Sean and I are in the kitchen me planning the housework to do while Sean is busy warming my feet.
I have just been given the job of doing a small video film of about 30 minutes and here come the self doubts that have plagued me for too long,(pirate accent) be gone with ye.

The lunch is nearly ready jacket potatoes soup and some chicken curry just need the diners. Oh and by the way got stung by a bee on the way to the compost.Great start to the New Year.


  1. It looks like a cold day out there, it sounds nice and cosy inside. Enjoy making your short film it sounds like your ready for the challenge, you will do a great job:)

  2. Dear Cathy, I'm sure the video will go well, but i understand how it must be scary. Good on you for facing the fear and doing it anyway. Shana Tova to you and family, from catmint.

  3. Happy New Year!

    You'll be fine, stop putting it off! Sometimes the fear itself is worse than the job at hand!


  4. By now you have that film all done and hopefully it went easier than you thought!

    Looks damp and chilly there. How nice of Sean to warm your feet in his fur! :-)

  5. Wishing you a happy New Year Cathy!
    xo Catherine

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Gill in Canada

  7. Delicious meal you cooked up. Happy New Year.


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