Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pretty bird..

Last Saturday at Tel Hazor I saw this pigeon beautifull colours.

 A photo every day from my back door looking west

Overcast and chilly lit the woodburner,so not much gardening done also it has started to rain.

Submitted to-World Bird Wednesday- Follow the link to check out this week's posts!


  1. Lovely photo, our pigeons tend to be very much plain grey here! x

  2. Pigeons can have such amazing colours Cathy.
    Lovely shot.

  3. I know most gardeners don't like pigeons, but one of my hobbies is raising homing pigeons. I love to lay in the middle of the back garden and watch as my flock fly round and round in unison. That one is a lovely bird.

  4. Pigeons get no respect. Nice that you gave them some recognition. I think I'll go to the park next week.

  5. Rain outside the window, and I ...
    Probably like you I wait for sun ...
    So there would send requests as soon as possible ...
    And we face the warm rays illuminated ...
    Start new each day with a smile on your face ...

  6. indeed lovely colours in your pigeon; lovely views from your back door.


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