Friday, 27 January 2012

Sky watch Friday and a little bit of this and that to end the week.

Sky watch Friday as you can see its a little bit cloudy and a little bit clear a lovely day.

A photo every day from my back door looking west.

Bringing the west a little bit closer.
   The clouds came over the mountain now the wind is howling and its pouring down with rain so here is another photo looking west.

Have a lovely weekend tomorrow is a no computer or tv saturday.
Mucking about with some photographs as one does when there is housework to do.

We are having some weather today look at it now.Another photo every day from my back door looking west
 Mr Blue Sky

 Strange things are happening in the garden, what is this vegetable?


  1. Great sky, lovely photos!
    I wish you a Happy Friday!

  2. Love that dog shot! And what great blue skies.

  3. I love the last pic. The houses on top of the mountain must have a good view.

  4. The vegetable... could it be cauliflower?

  5. I agree I would have thought it was a cauliflower as well? Snowing here, so no gardening yet.......probably not for another three months either.


  6. I had a chuckle at the butterfly graphic on the dog's nose! Having a tv and computer free day sounds like a very interesting idea. It's so easy to get hooked onto my laptop. Like you, I have housework waiting for me right now!(I liked your "smellovision" comment on my blog; thanks.)


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