Friday, 20 January 2012

A Friday thought and some photos.

Sky watch Friday same sky two ways of looking at it.

They say if life gives you lemons make lemonade, I am going to make some today from our little lemon tree.

A photo every day from my back door looking west

In the garden
  • A few months back I planted some potato peel in a bucket to see if they would grow for a month now they have been growing lovely green leaves but after all the rain we have had they started to go yellow and today I went out there was only one leaf left so i emptied the bucket and found these.(not the lemon)
I am thinking because the are so small I might chit them and replant them like seed potatoes. I still cant get over the thought that from scraps I can make more food.

  • planted some Tidy tips (I hope I am not too late)

Tidy Tips

Tidy-Tips (Layia platyglossa) is an annual wildflower of California. It blooms in Spring and is common in many habitats.
The name platyglossa means broad-tongued, referring to the ray flowers. But, I think the common name better suits it. The flowers look like they have been trimed with pinking shears.
Note: The cut produced by pinking shears may have given its name to (or be derived from) the plant name pink, a flowering plant in the genus Dianthus.

Snow watch

Sean and I went for a walk.

 tomorrow is a no tv & computer saturday plans to see the snow


  1. I've often wondered if you could grow potatoes from just peelings. How neat! I'll certainly be trying that this summer.

  2. You must have a green thumb. Potatoes from peel. I planted two old potatoes with eyes , only one grew and when the leaves died I pulled it up and all except one potato was rotten. Too much water me thinks. It looks a lovely day at your place today. The lemons are great too.

  3. Cathy that photo of the sky reflecting in the puddle is beautifully captured. And that mountain capped with snow, what a special view to have. Have a wonderful weekend. x

  4. Hey,

    lovely gardening can fine gardening tips in my home blog..


  5. Wow, gorgeous photos of the sky and a cute post. I love your view of the snowcapped mountains. Happy Skywatching!

  6. By the weekend he was cheerful to the end,
    I am sending you a little bit of the hand of the sun.
    Let the joyous smile of thy mouth guests
    Let this free time you will bring much pleasure. Yours nice and warm! Miraculous, PLEASANT,
    WEEKEND wish.

  7. woooooooooooooow....excellent pics..
    Tasty Appetite

  8. Hi Cathy, beautiful snow on the the Tidy Tips...I wonder if they'd grow well here in Florida? Aren't potatoes long as there's enough to sprout...they'll grow new potatoes! Enjoyed your beautiful photos!

  9. I like these flower. Awesome photos!


  10. I think it is awsome that you grew potatoes from peels. I didn't know it was possible. Have fun tomorrow. You have inspired me to do the same on Sunday. Not for religious reasons, but because.

  11. Lots of lovely photos today, Cathy. I really like how you captured the sky in two different ways. Well done on the potatoes!

  12. I cordially greet and wish the same luck in everything


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