Friday, 27 January 2012

Two post Friday but it is worth it

An Afternoons walk with Sean in between the raindrops there is a nature reseve next to the kibbutz they built a pond to encourage water birds to the area.One of the roads  borders the nature reserve it is a enjoyable walk.

 Past the pond there is a fenced off area where there are deer,today we were lucky to see one close to the fence.

 We slowly walked towards him I told Sean to be very quiet

 I thought he was going to run away.

 He stopped looked down at Sean

Sean just sat still as a statue I was able to get really close

 He just stopped by Sean

 He came closer to us I looked down at Sean is he pretending to sleep?

A walk with Sean in between the raindrops.


  1. the deer doesn't look too old does he? I love the expression on Sean's face. Molly would have been barking and howling....

    Gill in Canada

  2. What a treat to see! And such a pretty place for a walk. I sure wish it was sunny and gorgeous like that here!

  3. Beautiful shots!
    Love the one of Sean pretending to sleep!!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from Norway, Mette

  4. Super shots and how good is Sean? It looks like the deer wanted to be friends.


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