Friday, 21 October 2011

The Kibbutz is having a birthday ....

The Marigolds are everywhere

My  black Sapote tree has a lot of fruit

Mushrooms after the first rains

Hurry up Mum

The leaves are turning brown

I better hurry up

The party has started

                  She is 63 years old today so we had a party

Nearly finished spreading the dirt <GRIN>


  1. Black sapote is fantastic! I've planted a white sapote but it's very tiny and will be ages before it grows up enough to fruit!
    HAppy 63rd!!

  2. Happy Birthday to the kibbutz! Enjoyed your photos!

  3. Wow - glad to follow you here from Maxabella. I met my husband on a kibbutz in 1994 and had to make a choice to continue travelling or be with him. We are still together 17 years later! Thanks for sharing your photo tribute to kibbutz life.

    deb -

  4. Great fun! I find the whole notion of a kibbutz so fascinating. I'm glad you linked up, Cathy. x

  5. That first photo is dazzling! I never tasted sapote. I feel very intrigued wish I can grow them as well.


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