Sunday, 2 October 2011

I have to get into the blogging rythym

I thought it would be easy to get back into blog land but it is not the time the boys back are back school and I am working on a part time basis //news update on that I was working at the playgroup and also a plant nursery I stopped working at both jobs for one reason or other and now I work with the old folk which is a lot of fun and we have some good times.

The garden is still a mess  though we still have some vegatables  growing and having little harvests here and there.

Eggplant and bok choy


French Beans the last lot only had 3 beans

Okra I love the flowers.

 I also have another pile of earth to spread around
 So I am keeping busy one bucket at a time

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  1. The plots where I have my garden have courgette, eggplants and okra. So it seems we have similar growing conditions.

    You should try snake beans. They are prolific. I've picked already about 60 this week. I grew them from the seeds of 1 bean.

    I have a picture on this post if you haven't seen snake beans before.

    They're a popular asian bean.


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