Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The birds are migrating south

 Some photos of Tel-aviv another day out

Looks like the modern version of the leaning tower of pisa

The Old railway station of the Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem line

Now it is a lovely shopping centre with cute shops and cafes

One of the streets in a neighbourhood of Neve Tsedek (oasis of Justice)
and about those birds what  a lovely sound they make its like a coach load of people going on holiday.


  1. Lovely tour, everything is so nice and clean!

  2. love all the greenery - is that bouganvillea I see, and eucalypt trees?

  3. I love going to this part of Tel Aviv yes it is clean there and it is like a little seaside village in a big city

  4. love the photos...particularly your header...the house hugging the hillside...beautiful


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