Sunday, 30 October 2011

Decisions made on the grapes building starts next week.

I am following Sharons advice on growing grapes here it is;
 We have our vines in rows. A pergola would be very nice, except for the fact of the bees overhead as well as on the sides, they can be a nasty bunch...
Something similar to this and then it will break up the garden a bit so the vegetable garden has a boundry.
 now I am having some new ideas Poor "Builder"


  1. Your grape vines look so healthy and your block of land is beautiful. I like the look of vines all in a row. It's good that you have someone so handy to be able to make your ideas become reality. My hubby is always busy building something:)

  2. Good luck with your grapes...

  3. beautiful grapevines...looking forward to seeing your pergola

  4. Our vines run in one direction and the neighbor's vines intersect at a right angle, it makes a cozy little "secret garden" type area with privacy for our back yard. The fruit is easy to access from either side.

    Have a nice evening. :-)


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