Thursday, 23 June 2011

you know it's HOT when .....

 you open the cold water and the water comes out HOTTER than your hot water ever has it took 2 buckets of water before it cooled down don't worry the water was not wasted as I have a lot of floor to clean today. Outside the Builders are tiling the patio poor things I have been getting them cold drinks, ice cream, melon, umbrellas and loads of cold water but it is so hot.


  1. Hi Cathy
    Right now I will happily trade your hot for our cold. I am sure there is snow on the mountains nearby but I can't see for all the cloud and rain.

  2. Our cold water takes a while to be cold too, when it's really hot outside. Then it goes to coolish. (never cold in the summertime)

  3. When I go out to water the plants, I have to wait a while with the hose on, otherwise I would cook the poor plants. Yes, it is hot here too.

    Your patio is going to look great!! I love those tiles.

  4. Hi Cathy

    Thanks for sharing the heat with us here in wintery Australia.

    Your renovations look great.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. You treat them well the builders, with drinks and umbrella. I can imagine the heat you are experiencing.....

  6. Goodness it does look hot. I can feel the glare from here. I understand because we have our share of heat here - but luckily it is cool here at the moment! cheers Wendy


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