Friday, 17 June 2011

5 minutes on the computer hurrah!

Today was a busier than usual day in the morning I went to the playschool to make healthy bread with the children for their breakfast I love the things they say
One little girl told her Mum
"Cathy is our teacher she teaches us about healthy food and Mum she can teach you as well"
The Mum said" that sounds like fun"
"No!" said the little girl "it's very serious"
Later I went to the Plant Nursery where I planted on some of the root bound plants reminder to myself to get gloves. Still enjoying it I don’t how good of salesperson I am though.
 later did a food shop I usually do one every 3 weeks at the local Market it works out well all I add to that is milk and bread fruit I usually eat from the trees around our house there is always something at the moment Apricots Peaches Nectarines and also Cherries of course. That reminds me I promised to go picking tomorrow.
At the moment there are about 10 boys in the house as you might guess it is very noisy and they are staying the night.


  1. Ha ha, love it. It's priceless some of the things the young ones come out with :D)
    You certainly have an abundance of fruit Cathy - how nice.
    Wow, 10 boys ... good luck with getting some sleep ;-)

  2. Love the comment you received from your little star pupil! :)

    You've just answered my question...I see now the cherries DO grow in your garden. It read your latest post first.

    You were brave to have 10 boys sleep over!


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