Saturday, 18 June 2011

enjoying a bit of gardening with the builder

and in the members club there is a chocolate workshop going on,the noises from the place are very funny chocolate has a strange effect on some people ;).I think the group is from America they have deals where they Paintball go on the kayaks and then have a chocolate workshop.
Syrian Hibiscus

Watermelon has finaly started to grow

Next bed of cherry tomato plants

Melon on the vine


nearly ready

vine growing new leaves
Its later on getting too hot outside for gardening feels like its 85 f  in the shade here I am eating more Cherries( I saw the witches of eastwick), shall I make jam? maybe cordial or a milk shake? what to do with a glut of fruit? I would love to make drink wine .

Great Britain

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli photographed Great Britain from space during his mission aboard the International Space Station. now thats a cool picture.


  1. My vote is for jam or perhaps cherries soaked in liquer?

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Double choc dipped cherries...half way in milk choc then re dip in white choc....mmmm!

  3. SsG great idea have to try that have over 20kg of cherries in the fridge.
    Kimmie the boys love this idea.

  4. Your melon is going to taste very good.

  5. The Boys hope that the melon will taste good


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