Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer Holidays have started what to do?

Things to do in the summer holidays
Art attack
free kids crafts
making friends

 Swimming and sport

taken from a brochure of the hotel

Anybody got any more ideas ?

garden note: keep an eye on the courgettes because they grow really fast

I have an Award from negerigeletschtempoit

Now I have write seven things about myself and choose four more bloggers to recieve this Award
  1. I hate cockroaches 
  2. Oranges are my favorite fruit
  3. I love getting up in the morning
  4. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I will eat anything for breakfast even brocolli.
  5. Allways wanted a little girl have some great girls names(but I am really happy with boys as well)
  6. Life I find is as interesting as you make it
  7. Our cat is a superior being and she knows it
And now I am choosing four bloggers
 Susan from this and that even the name of her blog is versatile
gooseberryjam for some really interesting posts and the Irish cream;)
A Brit in Tennessee for a beautiful blog with some lovely music.
Last but not least Desiree from driftwoodramblings who's Photos are so beautiful and her posts so informative.

Thankyou Susan for this Award Never been called Stylish before <grin>
as I have just written Seven things about myself  I think that is my quota for the day I would like to pass this Award on to:
Devonmama at home in Devon for the Joy and Love of all she does.
Kimmie from the serendipity cafe who is Super Stylish
Ali for just Being Ali atMud pie
Theanne atTheanne and Baron. basically she is a Stylish lady


  1. Congrats on the blogger award! My courgettes are growing very slowing since the plants went outside. P.S. I wanna eat those cupcakes!

  2. Don't forget to add some relaxation time - very important. Congratulations on your award. It's fun isn't it? Maa

  3. You are such a sweetie, Cathy! I am unfortunately going to decline this thoughtful award as I operate an Award Free blog, but I really am touched that you included me! Thank you ever so much! I hope you have a great summer holiday! I echo Maa's reminder...give yourself a break from the usual routines and ensure you have some R&R yourself, too!

  4. Your awards are most deserved Cathy.
    Thank you kindly for passing one on to me, your comments are appreciated.

    You've got the activities pretty much covered. Am sure, children being children, they'll soon come up with any you may have left out ;-) Cheers!


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