Tuesday, 21 June 2011

This is not scrumping

In the Fields looking towards the kibbutz

Some of the orchards these are Plum trees

Peach Trees

Brought my shopping bag

No shopping trolley

Have to look really hard for the apricots


  1. Does this mean that you are allowed to just help yourself to whatever you want?
    Presumably "scrumping" is not understood in your part of the world!?

  2. Mark i usually pick some fruit when the price of fruit has gone down or after the pickers have finished "scrumping" is not a well known word in these parts but I lived in Worcestershire for most of my childhood and youth and the scrumpy is the best.

  3. That first picture of the field is stunning! Now, what I would like to know is how many peaches did you eat, while you were there?

    I get the giggles every time you show a picture of something good, like a neat tomato, or cherries, and tell us that you ate it all!! You go, girl!
    A big hug!

  4. Ohhhh apricots! It all looks so interesting. I sure appreciate the tour. Can I send you my grocery bag?

  5. To steal fruit, especially apples, from a garden or orchard or my version the word scrumping comes from tradition even today it means that you can pick up the apples that lay on the ground, ie that have fallen from the tree from their own accord and the farmer has not collected them,

  6. I really enjoyed this post walking with you through the orchards hunting for fruit. You are so lucky to be able to do this. Nothing could be fresher than plucking your own! I am impressed with how green and lush everything looks. It's all so well maintained, too!


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