Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Summer holiday so far

Aled had his end of year concert 

We went to the karting at the mall in Haifa
They had a lot of fun

Cedar Bay Cherry

It is realy hot here at the moment my vegetable garden is a real mess I have tried to grow vegetables in the summer  but the weather is too harsh I have not given up the idea of growing my own veg but I am looking for new ways of growing the first thing I thought of is to grow fruit trees and vines and hopefully it will give the vegetables some shade from the sun in the future.
I would also like to wish
A Happy Canada Day to all you My Canadian friends and relatives.


  1. Looks like some family fun. Sorry it is so hot there. It is warm here also. Good luck with the fruit.

  2. Happy Canada Day (late) too

  3. i planted a cheery tree last week stella is the variety i really hope it takes off and produces lots


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