Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer holidays day two

 Picking Sweet corn
 Covering seat pads on kitchen chairs.
 Not all the vegetables are ruined it seems marrows love the heat but they do have a lot of shade .
 Reminder to myself save the seeds
 The peppers are doing well this is their second year.
 Cone flowers
 Evening Primrose
 Day lilly
Now it is too hot to be outside I can see a game of Monopoly in my future. 


  1. Monopoly here too with holidays starting today, but only because its too cold to be outside, not because of the heat...

  2. Go pick those zucchini, yummy young. Pretty flowers!

  3. I love the pattern on that chair. How surprising you have the same evening primroses. Mine are wild. Are yours? The zucchini looks great.

    1. The material is from an old tablecloth,
      the evening Primrose was given to me by my BIL I dont think they grow wild here.


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