Friday, 6 July 2012

I love the summer holidays

when we have a lot of friends here visiting from abroad

 The flowers are blooming outdoor swimming pool is open so I hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday.
Here is the marrow I picked today I tried to get one of the boys to hold it


  1. It is a pleasure to meet you Cathy, through John over at Tok Tok Place. My zucchinni are just flowering now. We didn't get our garden in until the first of June, so a bit behind again this Year. Love the brilliant colour of the flower yo have posted!

    "Just Me"

  2. lovely flower and marrow...when I was a child I loved the summer holidays! lazy days, busy days...interesting memories!

  3. what a sweet dog; looks like an old friend, Cathy.

  4. More lovely photos and that lovely little dog is adorable. Your marrow photo reminded me of the ones my mom used to cook, stuffed with minced beef and onion. I haven't thought of that in years. One of my favorite meals as a kid. Enjoy the rest of your summer Cathy or should I say winter?


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