Saturday, 21 April 2012

Here are some tidy tips

 Well these are the only ones you will get from me
 Look Dianne more stocks

Vegetables harvested today

Also the Canadians are coming I hope our young visitor enjoys his time with us.

Bottled the first batch of Champagne, 10 litres. I am now starting the second batch while the Ginger beer plant is nearly ready in about two days I need a lot of bottles.


  1. Love the colour in that Cauliflower and your spuds look great as well, I like the red skin variety as they are so pliable in their use. Home grown garlic - yummo! I use heaps of garlic. I find the Mexican variety is just ahead of the home-grown Aussie variety. I won't buy Chinese garlic as I've heard far too many reports of it being grown using human waste as fertiliser

    1. THe cauliflower is a lovely colour and the potatoes are all grown from potato peel, I am going to do that again.
      as for the garlic my first try,i just used a bulb I bought at the greengrocer.Having heard the reports about that I decided to start growing more so these bulbs will be seperated and replanted.

  2. Looks like you'll have to do a lot of drinking to add to your collection of bottles.haha! Sue


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