Sunday, 22 April 2012

We have a Canadian boy staying with

us for 5 days I have to say he is a great ambassoder for Canada,so polite and charming.
We also had a lovely visitor from Holland who knew  "the builder " when he was a teenager heard some great stories.

1.) What is your favourite colour?
2.) What is your favourite animal?
Guinea pigs my first pet I had 14 of them.
 3.) What is your favourite number?
4.) What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
At the moment  homemade Ginger beer 
5.) Which do you prefer - Facebook or Twitter?
 I prefer facebook.
6.) What is your passion?
My family
 7.) Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?
 I love receiving more, but I still think I need more practice.:).
8.) What's your favourite pattern?
I love stripes and nautical
9.) What is your favourite day of the week?
 I would also have to say anyday
10.) What is your favourite flower?
 now this is hard one but I think I must say  Lily of the valley because who it reminds me of.

Here I am supposed to give the Award to someone else,  I would love to give it to Sue  I love her funny honest blog and if I am ever down under I would love a swim in her pool.


  1. I'm very happy you are meeting a nice Canadian! :)
    Fun to get to know you a bit better Cathy.
    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine


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