Sunday, 15 April 2012

A big Thankyou to my Husband "The Builder"

 My Husband has nearly finished the wall behind the woodburner and I realy love it.

 Our little mulberry tree has some fruit.

 So has the Peach tree and the Plum tree.


  1. Beautiful job on the wall. What a talented man you married. Hope you made some cookies for a reward?

    1. It is a great job at the moment he is doing the electricity,by the way I made him his favorite chocolate cake.

  2. wonderful wall...wonderful fruit!

  3. Send the builder over here I have heaps of jobs. Your garden is a fruit bowl.

  4. Your wall is should really install a light like you have there permanantly, it really highlights it! And fruit too, so sweet, it'll be a few months til we see any here :) x

  5. Great wall! Go husband!! The fruit looks s beautiful. All the fruit is finished in my

  6. You got a real handy man in your husband... I am hopeless with these things...
    Am happy to hear about your woodstove... you may wish to take a peep at what we have...


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