Wednesday, 18 May 2011

There was a crack and ....

 then this branch fell on the the nursery play area thank God no one was out playing.
 Later there were some more winds and more damage mostly trees and a few loose tiles. Aled came to the playschool he suddenly looks so big compared to the children there where does the time go?

 On the way home from work we saw some more damage from the sand storm

At home it was not any better except I had a parcel with  a lot of seeds for my Birthday thank you, you know who you are xox


  1. Gosh Cathy! that looks bad - luckily there was no one around.

  2. It was certainly a bad storm Cathy. Those winds must've been so strong.
    Guess it was exciting for the children to see the after-effects on their play area!
    I suppose there's sand absolutely everywhere now. Did it work its way indoors?

  3. It was very lucky as the wind had died down and the toddlers were just having their breakfast before going out to play. The sand gets everywhere I still feel like I have a face mask on that I have not washed off properly. Yes the boys loved the destruction I had to shoo away a few boys they cant see the danger and they enjoyed the howling noise the wind made.

  4. When i was teaching and a storm (or just heavy rain or hail) came the children would go seemed to hype them up! I kept a book of poetry ready with 'storm' poems in it to read and then we would write; They did some of their best writing then ... nothing better than real life experience.


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