Monday, 2 May 2011

A stroll around the garden

First stop the flower and herb garden

and let us find out what is growing  and whats not also how are those baby tomatoes buy first I planted 5 squash seeds only one germinated but this one seems to be robust

Then the cucumber I planted 8 seeds and 5 germinated they are looking well

Next the melon I planted 20 seeds all of them germinated gave away 10 then 2 died I now have 8 in the garden and they are growing well

Also the Eggplants had a 100% and they are doing well

  I have started to lightly harvest the parsley

And the sweet corn is also doing well but only half germinated

And last but not least my babies black cherry tomatoes

 p.s Also carrots broccoli, coriander, peppers, and rocket and salad leaves are thriving


  1. I just stumbled on to your blog and look forward to following along.

  2. Beautiful flowers Cathy and your tomatoes are doing great.

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I love the black cherry tomatoes. I love your blog. I'm glad to see you sung by to sit on my porch. As for your last blog, I'm not sure what a pensioner is. I do know sometimes people freeze up, expecially when they know somebody. I am anxious to learn more about your country through your blog.

  4. I am amazed you have so many varieties growing in your garden. Oh my what wonderful colourful blooms.


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