Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A stroll around the garden and some bargains

First stop the flower and herb garden

The Love-in-the-mist has started top bloom and so have the Snap-dragons

next the vegetable garden let us find out what is growing  and what's not. Also see how are those baby tomatoes

The Eggplants are doing well maybe next year I will make more space for them

Carrot's may need a bigger container next time



The peppers died because we had a heatwave also the coriander suffered have to shade them some how.

And last but not least my babies black cherry tomatoes looking good so far

No wait a moment I nearly forgot about those bargains the other day the Playschool had a green day and also a small farmers market it was like a bring and take market

 here are a few bargains the price a few plastic bottles

and here are a few of Aleds bargains


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and healthy, with a nice variety as well. Love the bargains you got too!

    Have a great day,


  2. wow! Your garden has really taken off. It looks wonderful.


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