Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Peach /Sweet Lady update and other stuff

Sweet Lady and cute dog

I think my Cherry tomatoes are blushing
These tomatoes are getting bigger everyday
Aled and I have already eaten straight from the plant the loveliest thing he said he loves these Cucumbers better then the shop .
The first Eggplant flower

The first of many courgette's

And the first of many more home grown ingredients.Also hot off the press I was offered a job as a plants women in a small nursery, I will find out more tomorrow.
I nearly forgot my present from the playschool children


  1. Tienes un huerto estupendo, las verduras tienen un sabor mucho mejor que los comprados en las tiendas, felicidades !!!

  2. Late spring is so exciting in the garden. Its looking GREAT Cathy!

  3. Your garden is coming along nicely, Good to be producing again...Tomatoes next week! We love to eat cucumbers straight from the vine, as usual none of mine ever make it to the kitchen. My little girls even pick the baby ones and munch on them like lollies... Good luck with the Job!

  4. Wow, so healthy and tasty ... no wonder you and Aled eat straight from the garden!
    Good news about a job in the nursery :D)

  5. Oh yes, I meant to also say how sweet those drawings were from the playschool children. All very colourful with many flowers and hearts. Lovely :D)


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