Monday, 15 October 2012

I must be bored

 or fed up with clearing up all the dog hairs

Sean is so patient with me what is a few dog hairs between friends.


  1. I am glad to see that Sean is a soccer supporter.

  2. I often think a hairspray for cats would be good. I could give them all a spray each morning and hey presto, no more hairs. lol

  3. Oh that is the cutest little outfit and the cutest little dog. I remember all the hair but now that my dog is gone and the house is clean I miss the hair:) B

  4. Mi perro suelta mucho pelo aunque lo tiene corto tengo que pasar siempre la aspiradora pero se perdona todo por lo mucho que le queremos!!!! el tuyo está muy guapo con su camiseta !!!

  5. Hello Cathy. I've finally found you again. Don't know what happened but you disappeared from my blog list. Have added you to my list and will be able to keep in touch. I've also followed your blog again. Maa

  6. is everything alright, you haven't posted in a while? Are you being affected by all the trouble at the moment?

    Gill in Canada


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