Monday, 8 October 2012

Life in the slow lane

Uginea maritima

Thats what I feel at the moment, I guess it must be that Autumn feeling when it starts to get dark earlier and we spend more time indoors,


  1. Yes. I guess that's what I always feel when autumn starts. I think it's probably because autumn was always a time to relax when we were farming. THe harvest was in but the cattle weren't so there was no feeding up etc. We always went on holiday at this time of year so it was about relaxing too. side tracked! The river looks as if it's enjoying flowing slowly too! What is that flower in the first photo? Looks mosat unusual! Joan

    1. I remember it was when my Uncle and Aunty used to visit us my Uncle called it "a lull before the storm."
      the flower is a Uginea maritima.


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