Monday, 28 May 2012

My boys went fishing for Grans lunch

 They went to a local fishing pond.Aled wanted to show off his fishing skills to his Gran he has a lot of patience and caught the most that day five trout,Daniel caught three trout and "the builder" one.

and I did not have to clean them. they were really tasty from pond to plate 2 hours.
You know when something is so funny you have to share well at JohnD blog TokTok place I found a gem.


  1. Lovely trout, nice sze too! We have some trout ponds not too far from where we are, however, I never seem to find the time to go catch them.

  2. Hi Cathy it looks like they had a great time. I miss fishing. I bet it was delicious. B

  3. I haven't gone fishing in years! Looks like your boys had fun Cathy. I'm glad you didn't have to clean them. That would NOT have been fun. Haha!
    xo Catherine

  4. What a great day out. Well caught! cheers Wendy


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