Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Birthday Party

 Birthday party for the folks that had their birthdays in April

 Some of them came with children and grandchildren.

Everyone had a lovely time

 Sean waited patiently untill I had finished work.
I love it when they start to sing.


  1. Leaves you with warm feeling watching happy faces :).

  2. So sweet. No matter how old we get, a birthday is there to be celebrated! x

  3. soon enough I will be here...I hope I have someone like you Cathy to come and brighten my day with happy events! Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their birth in April!

  4. Looks like a really nice gathering!

  5. great to see some traditional communal kibbutzim are still going strong. Happy birthday from Australia to all the April birthday people.

  6. A lovely way to celebrate everyones' birthdays - they all look very happy. Did Sean get a little treat as reward for his patience?


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