Thursday, 10 May 2012

A few flowers from the garden and a big thankyou for the seeds

I love the Larkspur Dianne.


  1. Is the first photo flower poppy? Pretty poppy.
    Oh its the start of larkspur season there. Happy that it blooms in your garden. Interestingly we have larkspur volunteer now popping in the garden.

  2. Such beautiful pastel shades and then that gorgeous splash of purple in the last photo. Just lovely Cathy.
    Enjoy your Mum's visit :D)

  3. Are those Icelandic Poppies? All your flowers are beautiful.

  4. I like your flowers very much. I wish I could plant them here as well. the pink ones on top are really nice, I notice that all of the stems has a flower on them. It's a joy to see!


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