Friday, 31 August 2012

A day of contrast but maybe not

In the morning I was helping the elders of the kibbutz have a picnic by one of the rivers that run through the Kibbutz  fields

 It was a lovely morning not too hot we had brought the tables,chairs and all the food on a tractor and trailer,and arranged everything under the Eucalyptus trees and watched the elders come across the fields
Down to the water it is a lovely place for a picnic but later on it is where the Kayaks are put on trailers and returned to the start of their journey.

We never know how many will arrive for breakfast on this day there were 30 it was lovely to see them all but we ran out of bread but we did have some cake which one of the ladies brought with her because it was her husbands birthday.

  We also had a speaker come and talk about the river tourisim and how it should always be done hand in hand with nature as he said who would want to come if its a rubbish tip.he said that this year there was as many as 800,000 people that have kayaked this year.

 Later I worked in the playschool becuse one of the ladies is in Hospital as I watched the children playing and chatting to each other, it was very similar to the morning we even had cake and coffee pretend this time though and this cake tasted like sand.


  1. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  2. the river is lovely and enjoyed what the speaker said. eco-tourism is huge business, especially when it's a river as lovely as yours.

  3. Twas a lovely day when you took your Mum to this river, one for the memory bank. Love you all.


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