Sunday, 10 June 2012

Making wine and other things

What do you do when you have a lot of Cherries made jam ,syrup for pancakes and drink ,but there were still a lot left over so I thought I will have a go of making cerry wine so this year I thought of making some Cherry wine.(fingers crossed)

 There are a lot of flowers blooming in spite of the Heat my vegetable garden is looking very sad too much Sun.I have decided to rethink the garden but it is too hot to do anything about it so thinking is alI I am doing.
that and watching my niece's daughter with her grandfatherr


  1. That would be wonderful to have so many cherries. They cost a fortune here.

  2. We had a cherry crop failure this year due the very early spring then a freeze while the trees where blooming. I love cherry wine--I hope yours turns out!

  3. Oh, I also wanted to ask what the blue flower is--they look like giant alliums, but I've never them in blue.

  4. Would love to have cherries enough to make wine... but, our garden provided barely enough cherries for me to chew on...

  5. I've never made wine so wish you well!

  6. How lucky to have so many cherries, they cost soooooo much here, shame because I love them.


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