Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Have not been much of a Blogger

I have been busy picking cherries,working and getting ready for when the boys are on summer holidays this year I have some great ideas for them including go-carts, zip lines, night fishing, a lot of swimming,camping,bar-b-Que cooking ,seaside,water slides& ice cream making.
I am looking forward to spending time with them and I hope I will be saying that at the end of the holidays
This past week it has been really hot Summer has arrived and most of my vegetable garden is destroyed from the heat I have to re think
  whether it is worth doing a summer garden.



  1. Blogging is as it should be, second to life. I have not posted in a long time either as life has been my main focus. Have a wonderful and memorable time off with your boys. Zip lines are so much fun.

  2. What a great harvest of cherries... they look so big and delicious... and your mango... I envy you... have a good day...


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