Sunday, 18 December 2011

started the week today.

I would love to decorate this tree.

In the garden
    • planted 3 rows of potatoes
    •  moved African daises out side
    • Some of the Diane sweet peas have been planted where the beans were.
    • sown some Dianthus seeds.
    • Aster seeds are showing signs of growth.
    • Planted some the nasturtiums in hanging baskets and troughs.
    • planted the Daffodils at last by the Lemon tree.
The ginger beer has been bottled now cross fingers it won't explode 14 x 500ml bottles =7 litres.


  1. The flower with the bee really caught my eye! And you've been busy, busy, busy in your garden! ;-)

  2. Hi Cathy, it all looks so green and not at all what I imagine Israel!I cannot believe you are planting potatoes already, is it Spring?We plant ours on or before St Patrick's Day (17th March)weather permitting!

  3. You'll want to grow a little taller if you want to decorate that tree. It would be fun though! Have a great week. Maa

  4. You would need a lot of decorations to decorate that beautiful tree! But how fun! :)
    xo Catherine


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