Wednesday, 16 October 2013

a week in perspective or something like that....

Last thursday we went to a wedding of a neighbour's son it was really beautiful all the ladies wore designer and the men suits. I have to admit I felt like a fish out of water  but we were determined to enjoy ourselves and  by the end of the evening we had a lovely time .  
Next day we went and had breakfast on the beach the weather was great and so was the company thanks DH

I saw this Moth  love the colour

My Sil made me a coffee the heart just appeared she said it was because she made it with love ,

Now this is my idea of fun getting dusty with some friends 

Monday, 7 October 2013

With a little help from my friends

The frame for the wood shed is nearly finished

With a bit of help from Aled
We got a lot done

In the Kitchen
Pecans from my FIL's tree

Avocados from a friends tree 

 Peanuts from the fields 
 Olives from a tree in the garden

pomegranates from the kibbutz orchard. I don't have a vegetable garden anymore as it costs too much money to water .

Friday, 4 October 2013

No photo Friday

could not think of another title, 
For nearly twenty years I have a white shadow following me on four furry paws,this year she died it has been six months now and I still have not cleaned the window where she used to touch with her muddy paws to get my attention, sometimes just after I have cleaned the window( Grrr) in fact every time she dirtied that window I would get a cloth and clean it but not the past six months . I know why I cant clean that window it's because it means removing the last thing she did before she died ,the thing is soon it will start to rain and those paw prints will be washed away and that part of my life with my white shadow will be over.
Goodby little Sheleg my pussy princess with a heart of a Lion and dirty paws.