Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Doggie Doo

Christmas is coming to the Kibbutz (another update blog)

Today we are getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft and we are going to decorate the tree.
First of all clean the house and for that I will have to get off the computer.

waylaid by Advent calender nearly forgot (home made), finished and it is up ready for tomorrow.
they had a Cadbury Advent calender once and I used it for 5 years.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There is a giveaway at "Frugal down under" last day

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Good luck.
 Using some shrink film to make some presents for Christmas

I think I might  I copied this Christmas card for tree ornament she is a jolly thing I used some shrink film

I put up a fence (using bits and pieces I found)so the cat won't keep digging up the seeds

Monday, 28 November 2011

It is starting to feel like Autumn again and a few questions

I Love this time of year the mornings are so fresh and the air is so clear.

The mullberry trees are slowly turning yellow and the bulbs are coming upthat reminds me I have some bulbs to plant.

The wild Cyclamen is starting to bloom

And the Mums are starting to fade
Nearly finished the advent calender.Started on some more Christmas decorations with the boys.I loved looking at all my craft books in front of the fire.and this Emag has given me some great ideas as well Sweet Paul Magazine.

In the garden
  • Planted out the pansies but also potted on a few.
  • have to find out when to cut the eggplants back or should I just pull them up?
  • Okra is well do you cut it back or pull it out?
  • Also same with the  long beans?
  • Sown some more peas the last lot only one germinated.
  • Sown some African daises.
  • Sown some broad beans in the summer it was too hot.
  • Collected first big bag of leaves for compost.
  • made some minced meat .

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out and about on a warm Saturday

 "the builder", Aled, Sean and I went for a drive out in search of  ice cream(never found any) Daniel stayed at home because of a football injury.

First we stopped of an old air field where local model makers fly their planes

This is the view from the air field there is a little snow on the mountains in Syria.

Sean never kept his eyes off this plane or is it the dog?

Next we went to Kibbutz Kfar Giladi where Aled goes to school, this is the front of a pottery shop I love Impatiens reminds me of my Grans home.

Sean decided to sit on my seat look how pleased he is

who goes there friend or foe

This used to be the chicken houses they have made them into shops there is even a second hand shop.

The smell of the lavender was lovely(so lovely I went and bought a plant)


The cow shed has been turned into a restaurant(no ice cream)

Above Kyriat Shemona there is a lovely scenic road

another one looks happy that he has taken my seat in the car
:) smiler

Everywhere is starting to go green I love this time of year when it is not too hot.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yet more photos of the day out

Today I will be uploading the photos to picasa and also doing a dvd for the folks without a computer.
In the garden 
  • Beans are still growing but next year I will have to plant at least twice the amount.
  • Eggplants are still growing but it has started to slow down a little.
  • Tomatoes are really growing fast they look a little bit neglected next time will have to stake and tie them
  • Carrots, Spring onions, radish
  •  Cauliflor, Brocolli, purple sprouting have germinated I need to pot them on this week.
  • Sweetpeas(Winston Churchill) and Nasturtuim have also germinated also needs to pot on.
Aled's birthday
  1. Bring Christmas tree down and decorations He has presents under the Christmas tree twice in a year.
  2. make a football pitch cake (his request)
  3. invite a few friends of his for a surprise party.
  4. make some pizzas and cup cakes for the party and also for  his class at school .
  5. Invite all the family for some soup and borekas (filled pastries) Friday its also "The builders" birthday next week.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Paulo singing Hear o Israel and few more photos from the day out by the Sea of Galilee

A peacefull courtyard with a fountain in the middle

Paulo singing Hear o Israel
Deuteronomy 6:4
I will be putting some more photos of the trip at the moment have to get ready for some friends coming for Sabbath dinner.
Have a lovely weekend and Belated Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pablo Casals Song of the birds

here I am in front of the fire listening to some great music

Had a lovely day out and here are some

photos of the time we had

The first stop was the Galilee house
The house is above the Sanctuary of Beatitudes, near the top of the mountain known as the Beatitudes. It is directly in front of Lake Tiberias( sea of Galilee), above Tabgha, the place of the first multiplication of the bread, and Capernaum. One and a half kilometers away, the ancient ruins of Korazim can be found. These ruins were brought to light in recent years. The project rises near the road that in ancient days united Korazim and Capernaum, on the shores of the lake.

Kiko Arguello designed, together with a team of architects Antonio Abalos and Guillermo Soler, Spanish; Mattia Del Prete, Italian; and the above mentioned Gottfried Klaiber, the grand building of the Domus Galilaeae a centre of biblical formation and place to receive pilgrims to the Holy Land, where he has recently finished the painting of the Last Judgement that decorates the church of this new building a lot pilgrims start they journey from this house

It is a very beautiful buiding with a lot of natural light and pretty gardens around the place bringing nature into the building.


  tomorrow I will put some more photos of the day out in the mean time I am playing with this

Looking at this two sorts of renewable energy.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tomorrow I will be going on an outing with

 the old folk and we will be visiting a few interesting places.

This is the view of the front side of the Domus Galilaeae. The main entrance is on the right side, behind the olive tree.

The site is overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Domus Galilaeae
The House of the Galilee (Domus Galilaeae) is a modern Christian meeting place for seminars and conventions. It is located on the peak of Mount of Beatitudes, above and north to Capernaum and the sea of Galilee.
We will be visiting a few other places,it looks like it will be a lovely sunny day.
We have not  got the woodburner in yet but the Chimney man has a good excuse, his wife has just had a baby.