Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My new project for today is...

making a perfectly good linen cupboard into a pile of fire wood.I did have a plan but do you know if the back falls off cupboards are very fragile I didnt but I  do now. I can't wait until "The builder " sees it he never liked the cupboard. I guess we might have to do some cupboard shopping.But untill then laundry will be in plastic bags.

A photo every day from my back door looking west.

It has been raining all day which is lovely because I know just around the corner Summer is coming and I wont see a drop of rain for at least 6 months for Sean that will be too soon.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Baking some cookies while reading blogs

is a dangerous thing to do as I have found out, the cookies burn very quickly.

The weather here is all over the place (yes Ok) what I mean is one day its 24.00 Celsius (am I the last person in the world that calls it centigrade? and when did they change it? also why was I not told?) and tomorrow high is 7.22 Celsius the coldest it has been this year so far.

Have just brought in the washing, because it has started to rain.

This morning there was air raid siren, poor Sean was having a howling fit bless him I didn't know if it was a drill or worse so what does one do I got my camera and consoled Sean. Then I rang up "the Builder" to find out which one was it, he did not know which worried me a bit because he always knows. The boys are at school and they are very organized there. After it felt like the longest 5 minutes he rang back and said it was just a drill.

Sean is fine now and showing me how much he loves burnt cookies.
Thats what is happening in my world on Tuesday

Monday, 27 February 2012

Just ordered another three trees

 because I would hate this to happen to Sean.
  1. Loquat
  2. Granny Smith
  3. Yellow plum
I am thinking about putting a couple more fejoia as I was told you need more than one.
Today I am having an interesting day in another hour I will be going to Daniel's school a parent/teacher day, talking about the fact that he will be going to High school this year coming(Yikes!)
After that I am going to Aled's school I love that boy but he looses all his coats and sweatshirts so we are going to look in the lost and found. I write his name in about 10 different places on his clothes and they still get lost , any ideas anyone .
Mosaic Monday shows some of the plants and seeds I am growing in my house.

This post will be updated.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My little blog is a years old today.

and I would like to thank everyone that made it one very interesting year.

Banias - Caesarea Philippi part two

This is the area where there was a Sanctuary,Courts and Temples. Just to the side of me was the Temple of the dancing goat

This is an Artists impression on what it looked like around 220 CE
I love feeling the history in these pillars.

Here is the tomb temple of the Sacred Goats It was erected in 220 CE in the days of Emperor Elagabolis.Here they used to put the bones of the goats that were sacrificed and bring offerings to them.

Here was the court of Nemesis a vengeance and justice goddess

The Temple of Zeus

The court of Pan

Where the niches are was where they put all the sacrifices and gifts to the gods

There are more photos on my other blog here and here

I am enjoying drinking a cup of tea and looking at some Sunlight this Sunday

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Banias - Caesarea Philippi part one

A lovely morning out at Banias

I wish I could put down the words that would say how I feel when I visit a place like this,  the natural beauty hand in hand with some of the most beautiful ancient ruins.
You can actually feel the history at this place.
One thing I can say is I am very lucky to be able visit here. 

I have put some more photos on my photoblog here

Friday, 24 February 2012

A walk around the garden and a look at Fridays sky

 there are certain weeds that I don't mind having in my garden in fact if it has a pretty flower they are welcome.

We have a lot of Periwinkles growing by the house.

 I love this colour of African daises At the moment they are in full bloom it flowers nearly all year round. Last year I collected some seeds from it they are growing well, can't wait to see what colour they will be as I was told they might not be the same as the mother plant.

The name for Violas in Hebrew is Amnon and Tamar (Hansel and Gretel).They are so such a happy flower.

I dont know how a cauliflower  plant got in there with the pansies but I am going to leave it  see what happens.

  Cant beat this plant I have had it since we moved in every summer it looks like it has died, good job that I not a very good gardener .
 Sage is a great plant to have in the grden not just because it is useful in the kitchen and medicine cabinet it also has lovely leaves.

My anemones are still going strong.

  A photo every day from my back door looking west.
It is overcast today with a chance of rain.
More news I will be getting a Brazilian black fig tree this week.
Have a look at Skywatch Friday

In the Garden
  • planted on sedum rock garden plants and planted some more seeds.
  • Planted on tomato plants.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Where is Alvilt?

 If you dont know who Alvilt is look here

 Sean couldn't find him
 and he tried very hard but all he found were a lot of seeds I will be scattering them around my garden but it will take 3-4 years before they flower.

 The wild Cyclamen  is enjoying the wet weather we have been having I have never seen so many flowers.

 There  are a lot of different colours.

Dont you think the buds look like umbrellas.
Well there is a lot to be thankful for on this Thursday for instance Aled is at school Daniel is on the mend.
There is more to see at the Thankfull Thursday linky hosted by "The wife of the dairyman" come and share the things you are Thankful for.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In another four days or less its my blogaversary

I think that what its called.
Today I took some more photos of the humming bird moth and there was a couple of bees enjoying the blossoms as well.
Tomorrow Aled goes back to school  and Daniel has another few days at home he is on antibiotics for a infected throat he realy hates the medicine.
I see that my Mum is reading my blog the last photo is for you Mum I know how much you miss the Almond blossom that you had by your house .

To Mum with Love XXX