Tuesday 20 December 2011

Thank you for the ideas on the punch and I have a cabbage question.

So today I am in the Kitchen again no cooking is getting done at all the Christmas decorations have been put away again ( the builders are back plastering )dust and dirt every tomorrow will be another marathon clean . I know it was me that wanted the wall down and it was me who reminded the builder that he promised it would be done this year. And I still need to go shopping to get a present for Aled. What can a person do then go on the computer look at some lovely blogs and listen to some Jolly Christmas carols.
Well at least it is a half day at school and I am sure we will have friends over I am just waiting for the phone to ring.

 I have had a few presents allready these two mini rose bush

I love this colour

two churns to decorate

And a pasta machine

why is this cabbage nearly white ?


  1. Cathy, thanks for popping by and commenting, I really appreciate that.

    No idea why the cabbage is white, when the others look green. Do you have a vegetable garden year round?

    Gill in Canada

  2. Renovations are never any fun ~ but I am sure it will be nice when it is finished!!

    I'm not sure why that cabbage is nearly white. If you lived in Canada we could blame it on the frost. ;)

    Have a happy week Cathy!
    xo Catherine

  3. No idea about the cabbage, it looks healthy otherwise. Mutation?

    Very nice Christmas gifts! Nice colors on the roses.

    Repairs and remodels are a major mess, sorry it is messing up your Christmas.

  4. Hi Cathy, one of my sons has the house torn apart also, builders could not make it until THIS week!
    Could you have an ornamental cabbage there?There are lots of them planted here in the city flower beds etc for the winter months, they have purple,pink and white leaves?!

  5. Happy the workers are getting the wall taken care of before the new year! I know you'll be glad when it's all finished!

    I too love the color of the rose...so beautiful!
    Lovely gifts!

    Perhaps the cabbage has albinism!

  6. The cabbage may be strange but it is just gorgeous. Maybe white just for Christmas.

  7. I like the colour of that roses too. Does that cabbage received ample light? Or is something has been shading it too much. Maybe some nutrient deficiency. But not expert in that. Oh well as long as it grows a cabbage head.


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